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Sustainable Egypt Project by Research
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How We Got Our Start

The British University in Egypt (BUE) has an established research centre for Renewable Energy, playing a pivotal role in the development of renewable energy research activities both at the BUE level and the national level. The project shall engage two Egyptian stakeholders who work on implementing renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in the Egyptian market. This will allow for the engagement of the broader community through the distribution of the project information.


The project will help in finding solutions for the limited spread of small-scale renewable energy projects in vulnerable and sub-serviced communities, which will enhance the life of these communities. Surely, this will not result in economic development and social welfare of the partner country within a time frame (3-15 years), but it will contribute to opening the door for mitigation strategies and risk management issues which hinder the dissemination of such projects.

This project aims to ensure inclusive access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy in Egypt. The objectives are:

  1. To identify the challenges and opportunities for the growth of sustainable renewable energy projects in different geographic locations in Egypt.

  2. Investigate and profile the needs, preferences and usage patterns of end-users, to create a mapping for renewable energy challenges and opportunities relating to geographical locations (based on existing database and field investigation)

  3. Propose suitable renewable energies for different geographical locations in Egypt, offering insights for private investors.

  4. 4. Identify research topics to be included in renewable energy educational programmes. This may. be extended to the design of new modules to be integrated into the existing programmes.

  5. Propose potential job opportunities and economic empowerment to be created by specific RE provisions.

  6. Disseminate the findings through a workshop in Cairo and online


Centre for Renewable Energy at British University in Egypt

The Centre for Renewable Energy CRE was founded in October 2011 as a spring of the Renewable Energy Group at the Faculty of Engineering. The centre is led by an ambitious group of staff members and teaching and research assistants.

At the end of 2019, the BUE reorganized its Centre for Renewable Energy by dividing it into three divisions: The wind energy division, the solar energy division and the biomass division. The development was responding to the BUE’s role in project WESET coordinated by Prof. Ahmed Elbaz.  The inauguration of the Wind Energy Centre is a result of the WESET project, and the activities of the WESET project are now part of the CRE-Wind Energy Division.

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