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1) New and Renewable Energy Authority

NREA is entrusted to plan and implement renewable energy programs in coordination with other concerned national and international institutions. Authority in joint projects to achieve the implementation of the current policy of the electricity sector to encourage companies working in the field of renewable energy to invest in the establishment of stations Generating electricity from renewable energy sources in partnership with the private sector or government companies for the purpose of implementing projects or works of operation and maintenance.​



2) Egyptian Organization for standardization and Quality

EOS is the only national & competent body in Egypt affiliated with undertaking all the relevant activities of preparing and issuing Egyptian standards, as well as the different activities in the field of quality assurance and conformity assessment for the relevant products, testing & industrial measurements, aiming at increasing the quality of the Egyptian products to be competitive in the international and local markets along with consumer's protection and environment.



3) Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

The Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE) is an intergovernmental organization with diplomatic status that aims to enable and increase the adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency practices across pan-Arab countries. RCREEE is the official technical arm institution of both League of Arab State – Energy Department and the Arab Ministerial Council for Electricity (AMCE). Having today 17 Arab countries among its members, RCREEE strives to lead renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives and expertise in all Arab states based on its strategic plan approved by its Board of Trustees.


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